From Our Clients

My mother has a disease called Multiple Systems Atrophy. She is in a wheelchair and has multiple needs because of the disease. This last summer she became ventilator dependent. The owner of Provident Home Care and I spent many hours on the phone coordinating care for my mother so that she could leave the hospital and avoid going into a nursing home. Provident went out of their way to address the multiple needs that mom had upon coming home from the hospital. Provident has provided quality, vent-trained nurses to care for her on a one-on-one basis, 24 hours per day. Case Managers for my mother keep in contact with our family on a regular basis via email. We are able to email any concerns that come up with her care. They are addressed immediately and agency management has come up with creative solutions. The owner knows each and every person that his company provides services for. Provident Home Health Care has provided care for my mother above my expectations!


As our elderly parents began to show signs that they no longer could do things for themselves, we began trying to find a solution to allow them to remain in their home. As adult children, we were trying to manage caregiving, work, personal lives and responsibilities and were just overloaded. After our initial meeting with Provident, we were impressed and felt upbeat about using their service. The company has been professional, enthusiastic, responsible, and flexible with scheduling. Agency management and their staff have given personal attention to our needs and requests which is very much appreciated. They have worked hard to find a good team to work with our parents. The caregivers have been friendly, dependable, and respectful and have dealt with our parents with grace and patience in providing care. We feel confident and ensured of our parents' well being while in the care of Provident Home Healthcare providers. We are very happy to recommend Provident Home Healthcare and their team.

~Yvonne and Janet

My name is Kay and I'm a 42-year-old woman who has used a ventilator to breathe for the past 5 1/2 years. Since January of 2010, Provident has been my home healthcare provider to meet my 24/7 needs for nursing. I have confidence in Provident Home Healthcare and their staffing team because of their ability to build and nurture a team of nurses around me that have provided me with consistent and superior care.

My experience as a client of home healthcare nursing has taught me that the most difficult challenge of home healthcare is finding and retaining qualified, professional staff that fit my life and my needs. Provident understands this and the work involved to make this happen. Previously, my mother was working directly with my nurses to try and fill the hours needed for my care because the first agencies I was with were poor at staffing and organizing the schedule. A specific goal that Provident has for my care, has been to eliminate any need for my family to bear the burden of my care where I qualify for professional help. Now, my 70-year-old mother no longer needs to worry about my nursing schedule, my medical supplies, training or other aspects of my care that too often fell to her. Provident management has worked with me to find specific solutions to these problems. I know Provident is very dedicated to compassionate, professional care that improves the lives of their clients and clients' families.

I can unreservedly recommend Provident Home Healthcare as the best experience I have had in the complicated service of my home healthcare.


I have been a client of Provident Home Healthcare for the past three years. I currently reside at a group home and receive both nursing and PCA services from Provident. The care I receive is of excellent quality. The Provident staff is very caring and professional while at the same time, allowing their clients to maintain their dignity. During my three years with Provident, my needs have always been met, no matter how great or how small. I fully recommend Provident to anyone who needs personal care services.


My family member is receiving services from Provident Home Healthcare. From management to the direct care providers, Provident is providing professional, high quality care. The Provident team has created an environment that is welcoming not only to their client, but to the loved ones of the individual they are caring for. Provident uses a holistic model that addresses each individual’s social, cultural, and medical needs. The Provident team is very nurturing and respectful of the client and their family and friends. They are always reaching out to see if there is anything they can do to make their clients feel better. Their focus is on the needs of the client.


After about eight years of uncertainties, nursing homes and being where people didn’t really care about our son, we were ‘home,’ when we met Provident Home Healthcare. They cared about all of us.

Our son was a complete quadriplegic, on a trach and ventilator to breathe. He was fed by a feeding tube for the most part, but needed to be fed when he did eat. He also had a multitude of anxiety, depression, anger and memory problems. He was completely dependent on his staff for everything, so the staff became much more than ‘staff’ or ‘nurses,’ they became miracle workers. It was extremely difficult for him, and the staff did what they could to befriend him. They worked very diligently to gain his confidence so he could live as normal a life as possible.

We quickly came to realize that this fabulous system of professionals were there for and with us. Our son was truly being cared for! His caregivers were happy to see us come to visit with our son and we did, often. They were always available to fill us in on how he had been doing and let us know what we needed to work on with him.

We just can’t say enough about Provident Home Health Care and what they have done for our son and ultimately our family! They are truly a magnificent gift!

~Margaret and Patricia

I am currently a client with Provident Home Healthcare. While at the hospital, I met with the head of Provident. Since beginning services with Provident, I have found Provident’s staff to be conscientious, kind and supportive. Words alone cannot explain how much Provident means to me. My case manager, staffing coordinators and staff have stepped up to see that I am able to remain in my home and not in a nursing home. I highly recommend Provident to my family and friends.


I am very pleased with the services your agency has provided to my parents. Your nurses not only provide medical care to my mother, who suffers from complicated and chronic health conditions—they have also shown compassion. My father is also in the apartment and does not require the supervision of your staff but their attention to his needs have also been noted and we are grateful. Our family had been cautioned by others—that private duty nurses may not always show up for duty especially in poor weather. I am impressed and pleased that regardless of the circumstances your staff has been excellent in getting to work, even in adverse weather conditions. The agency has a large pool of trained and experience nurses and I would not hesitate to recommend your service to others. The agency has also been responsive to concerns of the family regarding the care of my mother. The nurses are open to communication with family about cares.


I write today to offer my sincerest and highest possible recommendation for the wonderful and caring services provided by the nurses of my mother. Words cannot describe the level of comfort they have provided my family, nor can words express the compassion, relief, and inner strength they have provided my Mother throughout her care.

My mother suffered a heart attack last year while living in a group home. This tragic event made her dependent upon ventilation for life support. The thought of my mother having to move to a new facility with all new care in such a frail state was an emotionally jarring experience.

I was worried about everything simultaneously. What would the care be like? Would they treat her well? Will I have to move her again, and again, until I find the right place? How will my mother handle such a transition? The burden and stress of this decision was compounded by my Mom’s failing health, and was crushing me both physically and emotionally. I wanted my Mother to have the best possible care. I wanted to help her.

My introduction to the people of Provident Home Health Care was an answer to my prayers. My burdens were lifted almost immediately as the remarkable and caring staff facilitated the transition and care of my mother. Their dedication, caring and quality of service made it possible for me to just focus on being my Mother’s daughter again, not her caregiver, and that made all the difference in the world to my life.

I can never thank the staff at Provident Home Healthcare enough for the dependable, professional, consistent and excellent care they have provided. Their services are truly overwhelming, and I would recommend them to anyone.


It is with great pleasure and confidence that I am able to provide a recommendation regarding service my fiancé has received from Provident Home Health Care.

As the result of an accident, my fiancé is a quadriplegic and has a traumatic brain injury (TBI). He has received excellent care from Provident and we have NEVER had a shift uncovered. As we all know, life does surprise us sometimes, and when a Provident PCA has been unable to work a shift unexpectedly, Provident has always found a capable replacement in record time.

Provident PCAs are very well-trained and do an excellent job. They care about my fiancé and me and do not like it if he is not properly cared for. My fiancé and I have experienced the good and the bad and believe me when I tell you Provident is good!


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